Soul & Body Nourishing Meditation

Tap into the healthiest version of yourself.


and I'm absolutely obsessed with helping you use food to heal through the body and enhance your spiritual expansion 

Born and raised in Livermore, California, I've always loved the outdoors for fun and sports. My lifestyle was (and is) low stress, happy, and extremely healthy foods on the table each day.

I have always been in the “health” field. Having served as a Firefighter/EMT, I began my career serving my community for 20 years. I've also worked as a medical assistant in an Urgent Care and Physicians office.

With an interest in always helping/serving others, and an increased desire to learn how to obtain optimal health, I pursued education through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) and am now a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

pun-obsessed, nature loving mama to both 2 and 4-legged babies, real food enthusiast who loves to talk about shit (literally)

I'm married with two adult children, living in VA. In my spare time, I joined Team in Training and trained for triathlons while raising money to help fight blood cancers. 

A severe case of rosacea was so painful I was unable to swim or even shower. I had never had acne as a kid. A few visits to the Doctor and a couple of rounds of steroids and specialty creams were my fate. At the same time, I experienced extreme bloating and pain in the abdominal region. A trip to the Doctor said I might have a gluten and dairy issue. I was already dairy and gluten-free, so instead I was given medicine for abdominal pain.  

My true passion to understand how to support the body in healing first began with my own health.

I also struggled with high anxiety and brain fog. More medications to “fix” these symptoms.

But I  wanted to know “WHY” these health issues were arising. Why was my skin now so sensitive and inflamed; Why was I told I had to use specialty RX creams and medications and no longer able to use over-the-counter products; Why was my body so inflamed, especially when eating and training like an athlete? Why was I unable to concentrate?

The answer I received was “it’s your age; things change; could be hormones…”. Unacceptable.  This was when I began to research how whole foods could help heal the body, focusing on anti-inflammatory foods. It was then that I noticed a difference in my skin and abdomen. 

As I continued to research how real foods do real healing, I eventually enrolled in courses with the NTA. The knowledge I gained was paramount to my continued healing. Having always been a “healthy” individual, I supported her body nutritionally and experienced true optimal health. I learned how to detoxify/cleanse my body thereby absorbing more nutrients from whole foods.

Armed with these nutritional nuggets I knew I wanted to help others find their optimal health. I believe in not settling on your health, but rather fighting for it. Everyone has the power and the innate wisdom to feel better, you just need to begin the journey. 

let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

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Soul & Body Nourishing Meditation

When we started, I felt like I didn't belong. But to be here with you.., there is so much power. I can feel the vibration in my body.

This is the missing piece, the next phase of our evolution, and Amy is our
fearless leader.

I get really emotional about becoming more and more aware of the connection and the profound effect that food has on us in every single way -physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually...

Having Amy in my back pocket while I navigate healing my health issues and incorporating new foods into my diet has been a game changer for me to stay on track and really get the results I desired.

 I was struggling with binge eating, My eyes were pretty open already, but that was pretty epic in helping me to really zero in and realize how crappy I felt with eating certain ways. I don't know if I would be doing as well as I have been without the support of the program.

It's nice to have a refocus on what you're putting in your mouth and being cognizant around making those better choices. We get so busy in our lives that quick, convenient, and something that makes you feel good emotionally, but not necessarily physically tends to win out at times. The class is the right amount of time to refocus and help with that.